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Formal Self Introduction

Subject: Self Introduction

Dear Professor Blackstone,

As a student in your communication class, i would like to formally introduce myself. I am Chen Zhouzhi and i graduated from Ngee Ann polytechnic with a diploma in Automation and Mechatronic Systems in 2015. After much consideration, i have decided to pursue a degree in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building services) offered by SIT. The reason why i chose to pursue this degree is that ever since i was young, buildings have always intrigued me and the idea of giving life to a building has captured me.

When it comes to communication, i will say i am not the most eloquent speaker and writer out there. During presentations, i might sometimes stutter and therefore will not be able to deliver the presentation with clarity. Also, sometimes i face difficulty penning my thoughts down into words. I am definitely lacking in these areas and that is why i am hoping to improve myself in your class by being more confident speaking in front…

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