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Technical Report Draft 1

Background Information
When waiting for the train, passengers tend to crowd around the doors near the escalator and not move toward the ends of the platform. This causes an uneven distribution of passengers across the carriages of the train when they board, resulting in carriages at both ends of the MRT being relatively empty compared to the carriages nearer to the escalators.
To demonstrate our point, our team went down to Clementi MRT station on a weekday evening, right before peak hour and recorded our observations. We positioned each team member at three consecutive carriages. Carriage number four was nearest to the escalators and the elevator while carriage 2 was the furthest.

Each member would count the total number of passengers waiting to board a specific carriage. For more pictures please refer to the appendices.

Timings Car 2
(Furthest from escalator) Car 3 Car 4
(Nearest to escalator) 1630 10 10 19 1645

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